Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Second World War - 75 Years to the day

75 Years ago today Britain declared war on Germany, the start of The Second World War. 

On the morning of the 3rd of September 1939, the then Prime Minister, Nevil Chamberlin, announced to the nation at 11am that a state of war now existed between Britain and Germany.

On this same day Bute’s Territorial Forces otherwise known as “The Bute Battery”, along with a Troop from Millport, were order to take position on Rothesay’s local Golf Course near a site known to many as the “Co-Camps”.

At this time Sgt Neil McLellan, was ordered to take charge of his gun crew. Training hard they prepared for an expected invasion and were ready to defend the Island from any attack from the air.

Few could have foreseen the impact the next 6 years would have, or what was to come next!

War had come to Bute!